certified life coach, yoga teacher and energy practitioner

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Before transitioning into coaching, I spent over a decade in a corporate career. My background is in law and business. After drastically transforming and improving my own life, I have become passionate about facilitating these transformations for others. I went from living other people's dreams which led to being a burnt out working mom to creating and living my own dream life of freedom and happiness.

"Tina is an amazing Life Coach. She genuinely cared about my goals and was so committed to helping me achieve the very best for myself." 

In an instant spiritual awakening in 2015 I turned psychic and since then have learned different modalities to use my gifts in the most beneficial ways. I have read many energy fields and counselled people on how to work on theirs and change their life. I have integrated everything I learned on the way in my unique coaching approach. My superpower is to combine the clarity and structure of a lawyer with my intuitive gifts and create a very holistic straight forward view on life.

I am absolutely passionate about enabling change for my clients and showing them that there is more in stock for them than what they believed possible. It is never too late to change your ways, try new things, live a happier and more abundant life. Sometimes it's only small changes which make a big impact.

I am the mom of two girls and a fur baby. I love spending time with my family, travelling, being in nature and learning new things (which I often incorporate in my coaching).

fun facts

In my late 30s I was diagnosed with ADD and “giftedness” and suddenly my life made a lot more sense.


After a rough patch in my teens I had healed myself from several eating disorders and started my growth journey at 20.


Before I had kids and even with them I traveled a lot and have been to 40 countries.


I started theater in elementary school and was a member of several theater and improv groups.


We'll be a good fit if...

You are willing and open for change

You are here for a holistic look on your life

You like an efficient way to your goal

You don't mind hard questions and tenacity

You are ready to show up authentically

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