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I'm guessing you're here because...

you feel stuck in your life

yes, that's me!

you feel overwhelmed

you don‘t feel seen

you lack purpose

you want a more aligned and abundant life

you crave more time for yourself

you can‘t get started with or stick to your health goals

i would love to help you achieve this.

Tell me, how would it feel...

to wake up happy and with gratitude for the life you have created

to be healthier and have more energy than ever before

to be at ease and at peace with your life

to be proud that you have transformed your life

to do and see things differently

to have clarity around your gifts and your purpose in life

if your body, mind and spirit was in sync

to thrive every day

to make a difference for yourself and the people around you

I’m here to help you create a life of fulfilment and bliss. I aim to guide you (back) to your true self. Together, we’ll uncover and remove everything that makes you feel small and stuck. I am a spiritual mentor, but have my feet firmly planted in the material world. When we work together, you can expect spiritual advice on how to improve your life as well as a roadmap for creating your ideal lifestyle for an abundant life.

I am here to support you in aligning all areas of your life. I am passionate about helping you find your purpose and vision in life as well as setting you up with the mindset for implementation. In my approach I use coaching techniques, as well as ancient yogic wisdom, chakra work and human design. I combine intuitive energy work with embodiment practices to create transformations on all levels. With this process small changes can create a big impact - because you do not only have realizations on an intellectual level, but your whole energy changes and therefore you attract new experiences into your life. After working with me, I hope that you'll feel more empowered and change becomes easier.

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Hi, I'm Tina

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A 3 month container where we go really deep in what you want to achieve and make the small impactful changes in your life

1:1 coaching

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Here's how I can help...

In this 90 minute consultation we’ll set you up with a clear vision how to move forward

alignment session

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A place to explore your most important goal in community with like minded sisters

group coaching

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